Electric pedicure and podology

Electric pedicure for Prague 6

Electric pedicure and podology-

Podology and electric pedicure are parts of pedicure and are focused on ingrown nails, tamponade, taping and nail braces, among other things. We will help you treat your pain and provide pedicure which will help you improve the look of your feet and hands. You can find our salon Lidiya Beauty in Prague 6. Are you curious about the price of podology in our salon? Take a look at our pedicure price list. Feet braces Prague 6 Podology Lidiya Beauty Ingrown nail Prague 6 Lidiya Beauty Břevnov

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Podology Prague 6

Podology for Prague 6

It is a field focused on nail alignment, which means we align an ingrown nail on purpose and with care. By using light strength and constant pressure we reach a healthy nail. We use a number of modern methods. This treatment is delicate, painless and relief of pain caused by an ingrown nail comes immediately after your first visit and application of braces. Nail braces are recommended from the age of 7. Ingrown nails are very painful and this condition can be caused by many reasons – incorrect toenail trimming, deformation caused by unsuitable shoes, sport, injury, nail mycosis… Your first steps with an ingrown nail should lead to our salon rather than to a surgery where, unfortunately, recurrence is very common.